Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

In SOLMED Alliance we believe that the ways we do business express our values, commitments and ethical principles and through these we achieve our goals.

Solmed Alliance stimulates social and economic development in the countries where it operates. We promote better quality of people´ s life and respect for the environment all over the world.

We think caring for our employees, our clients and contribute the improvement of social and environmental aspects help the creation of a better future for everyone and for this SOLMED Alliance’s actions are promoted in this sense.

Help employees and their families

Personal and professional development

Our employees are the driving force of the company and for this they are an important pillar and we rely on them. We create links based in reliability and respect to generate an adequate work environment through every employee can achieve their potential.

The improvement of their professional skills with training programs and offering them new opportunities, ensure they feel satisfied and performed their job well.

Health and Safety First

Safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients take the first place in our corporate strategy; for that reason our group of policies and procedures follow the highest international standards.


Solmed Alliance is conscious about the importance of caring the environment to guarantee the planet´s sustainability, for that we reaffirm our commitment contributing the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. Our procedures guarantee and follow the international standards related with the quality and protection of environmental management systems.

We focus our efforts on improving the quality of life of our clients, consumers, partners and employees with strong social, economic and environmental commitment to ensure an ideal present and an even a better future.

The aim is to continue maintaining a healthy and safe environment in every operation we manage, thanks to our strong logistics infrastructure and our valuable team.

Local communities

From SOLMED Alliance we collaborate growing and developing local communities where we operate in, with the aim of improve their quality of life, exchange experiences and thus promote a positive evolution in social-economic features.


Our initiatives promote economic and social development between local communities.

Alphabetization programs for indigenous communities.

SOLMED Alliance works with the school community to support alphabetization programs and encouraging the youth to improve their skills and preferences to continue with higher education.

Respect, equal-opportunities and wellbeing.

SOLMED Alliance’ employees are trained with the objective of guaranteeing safety and quality in every project. In addition, in the different countries where we operate in, we employ local labor respecting employees’ rights.

We donate food to improve nutrition of the people less privileged, especially children. Also, we provide medicines and hospital equipment to assist the local communities.

Our company provides shared management and economic assistance to develop projects such as delivery of equipment to obtain potable water and electricity in certain areas were resources are limited.