SOLMED Fighting Against Malaria

SOLMED Alliance offers facility management services around the globe, operating in malaria endemic countries. Accordingly to our prevention programs, we strictly follow our malaria control plan to protect our employees on those areas.

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desarrollo sostenible

SOLMED Alliance’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Caring for the environment is one of SOLMED Alliance values and this commits us to sustainable programs related to advanced technologies for waste treatment and recycling methods.
Investing in eco-friendly technologies to develop our services around the world and following international standards, we constantly improve the quality of our services while accomplishing our corporate responsibilities.

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seguridad trabajo

Safety Work Environment in Our Units

The Eirik Raude platform, one of the units of our client Ocean Rig, has celebrated the Weekly General Safety Meeting, and as usual we have taken part in this important action. These types of initiatives are associated with more than 2,000 days without LTA (Lost Time Accidents) and once again, we congratulate each member of the crew.

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