Logistical support for armed forces

SOLMED Alliance offers specific solutions for the correct working of the different defense divisions.
We have the most advanced technologies for storage and food preservation to guarantee the maximum quality and correct nutrition.

As a services provider, SOLMED Alliance understands the strategic challenges of facility management, as well as the operational plan in this specific sector, and responds effectively and with determination.

The logistic organization is essential in offering a good service, because of this, the acquisition, transport, inventory control and storage of any type of provisions for catering, facilities cleaning and mechanical reparations are coordinated from the Logistic Support Center (LSC) as well as coordination of other products necessary for developing integrated facility management. Care of nutritional needs and providing a comfortable environment are vital to SOLMED Alliance. We first select quality products and can count on highly qualified multicultural staff who enable us to provide optimum services which exceed our customers’ expectations.

The company covers the majority of areas in all continents and provides logistical support and services, even including hostile zones worldwide. Health and safety are always put first to develop every operation.