Improving students’ life, creating a better future

SOLMED Alliance provides services in educational centers and universities. Offering our know-how adapting to the institutions’ requirements to optimize the available resources and offer the optimum solution to guarantee an excellent service in the education sector.

Regarding catering services, we provide varied and balanced diets which contribute to the students’ wellbeing, developing their physical and mental performance. An adequate nutrition at their age improves their development and provides healthy lifestyles creating a positive future.

SOLMED Alliance is leading services provider

As a leading services provider, SOLMED Alliance provides institutions with complete maintenance of its facilities, including security and landscaping services as well as the management and development of construction projects.

Under the principles of social responsibility, respect for the environment and vision for the future are ensured the health and welfare of persons who are studying and working in the educational centers.

SOLMED Alliance promotes health and wellbeing among students improving the internal quality standards of the company with special care.