SOLMED Alliance is a global leader in facilities management services in the Healthcare sector

We provide cleaning and sanitizing solutions at the highest quality levels, sourcing the most effective products from around the world and delivering them to any geographical location to exceed our customers’ specifications.

The care of patients, healthcare workers and visitors is our purpose in offering a clean infectious free environment and for this reason our EHS Department is constantly training our employees and researching the latest cleaning methods, products and services.

Catering Healthy Services

Maintaining a nutritional diet is one of the most important daily beneficial habits and in the healthcare sector this is a key to guarantee the health and good development of the patients, their families and the personnel who work help them to recover.

SOLMED Alliance is an expert company in delivering catering services for Hospitals, Clinics, Day Care Centers and generally for patients that require clinically adapted meals for their condition.

The team of licensed dieticians works closely with our expert chefs creating a perfect balance to offer a variety of catering solutions suited to each patient giving them the nutritional requirements and a unique taste as they are made with the best quality products and with excellent presentation too.

Within our already existing infection prevention model, our latest research is moving towards a high-tech system including:

  • No touch Room disinfection.
  • Ultra Violet and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Technologies.