Sports & Leisure

SOLMED Alliance coordinates a wide variety of services and manages events, conference rooms, institutions and sports and leisure centers

The experience of our team and the use of the most advanced technology, allow the centralization and improvement of existing resources, with the aim of optimizing its operational capacity and guaranteeing optimal results.

Our extensive experience in the catering business provides us with the necessary knowledge to improve the physical potential of athletes, since their nutritional and lifestyle support are fundamental areas to improve their development.

The excellence of the SOLMED Alliance services guarantees the success of any event

To meet all your needs, SOLMED Alliance has created the “global solution” that consists of centralizing all the necessary services through a single provider to improve and optimize results. Each event is different, that is why we offer tailor-made solutions according to the expectations and objectives of each client. The Logistics Support Center (LSC) coordinates the acquisition and transportation of materials and food supplies, inventory control and storage of all kinds of supplies, cleaning and maintenance.