Catering, Hotel & Housekeeping

SOLMED Alliance provides Catering, Hotel & Housekeeping services for a wide range of sectors in different places around the world.

We offer the best quality products at competitive prices and we work with highly qualified professionals. Our capacity of adapting our services to each customer’s requirements and satisfying the company’s necessities in record time is key to the correct execution of a project.

Quality products and services

The nutrition of our clients is essential and in this sense, we offer balanced menus following rigorous quality procedures to guarantee your wellbeing.

We are a pioneer company in facility management for the oil industry in Spain and Equatorial Guinea. We started in the Casablanca field
(Tarragona-Spain), since then we have developed numerous capabilities which allow us to undertake and complete all supply chain facets
and services, from the supply source to our customer’s service delivery.

We work for the most prestigious oil and gas companies in different countries, wherever our clients need our services.