Waste Management

We offer Waste Management services like transport, storage, treatment and recovery of waste systems, as well as reuse of raw materials and final disposal of waste by controlled and safe methods. Also, we provide a wide range of industrial cleaning services with high added value.

SOLMED Alliance provides turnkey services for urban cleaning and waste management. Our projects are based on our experience in managing camps, towns and cities ranging from 3.000 inhabitants to 1.500.000 and itineraries covering surfaces of 300 km2/daily. The total volume of daily waste collection per site averages 1.800 tones.

Creating a clean and safe environment is the first step for people’s well-being

Our aim is to protect the environment and the health of the citizens through an innovative, rational and reasonable management of solid and hazardous materials guarantying the trust deposited in our services.

We promote correct management of waste in communities, business and industries using safe and advanced technology during the process: waste collection, transport, storage and disposal.