From our establishment we offer services around the world.  SOLMED Alliance has developed every aspect of the supply chain in various countries and our solid structure allows us to offer the best service to our clients wherever they need us.

The highest quality services

Our ambition is to continue offering the highest quality services to our clients offering them valuable solutions in catering, hotel and facilities management. To develop an excellent service, our employees are fundamental in the company so that, we will continue caring the wellbeing of our staff who contribute with their work the success of SOLMED Alliance.

SOLMED Alliance is the company which supports your business and life. Our expectative is exceeding our customers’ necessities and we guarantee the total satisfaction of our services. We also believe it is essential supporting and improving the welfare of our employees who work and contribute to grow our mission and values.

Our employees work every day to provide the best services to our clients offering them value solutions and cooperation to exceed their complete satisfaction. SOLMED Alliance team works following the idea of improving our customers´ wellbeing and offering them the best quality services covering important aspects as nutrition, cleaning, facilities management or leisure time.

Within our work and social programs we promote the success of our employees, their families and local communities where we operate protecting the environment.

The Best team: our local and expatriate staff is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals, which combine their skills to develop their tasks. The responsibility and mutual support of our teams help us achieve our goals in delivering an optimum and first class service to our clients.

The Best Services: from the beginning of the process, we deliver high quality and safety products from top class suppliers to any of the worldwide countries we operate in, we have the responsibility to anticipate our clients’ expectations offering them valuable solutions.

The Best Development: we are always searching and implementing new and better methods, the latest technology and coaching our staff with internal and external training courses to provide our services at the highest level. For SOLMED Alliance, persons are fundamental in the company, as persons we want to progress in future.

Respect in all our relationships between employees, clients, providers and all society to offer transparent and professional communications.

Loyalty in our services, we support our clients following in their projects around the world fulfilling their requirements with the best quality. Our employees’ faithfulness contributes the improvement of the company.

Integrity in our business within our employees, suppliers, clients and institutions. The guarantee of quality and optimum services is based in the honesty, integrity and legality of our company.